The Original Sound Activated On/Off Switch

Don’t be left in the dark … Get The Clapper!

Who hasn’t been snug in their bed reading a good book, only to realize you’ll have to get up, cross the icy floor and turn off the lights before you fall asleep?

When was the last time you fumbled around in a dark room, tripping over furniture looking for the light switch? With The Clapper you’ll never find yourself in these annoying situations again.

With patented sound-activated technology, The Clapper allows you to turn on and off your lights/TV/radio and many other household appliances with a simple clap of your hand. With special features like a sound sensitivity dial, clap detection lights and multiple clap outlets, The Clapper can be used as an outlet for up to two appliances and a limited function security device.

How does it work?

The Clapper is a device that is activated by sound sensory, and will turn on or off any two appliances plugged into it. The Clapper itself is plugged into an outlet in your wall. When activated by the sound of your clapping, it will control up to two appliances and then turn them on or off, depending on the number of the times you clap.

The Clapper is a sound-activated on and off switch for appliances. When in the HOME mode, The Clapper can operate either one or two appliances by clapping two times to activate the first appliance and three times to activate the second.

When in the AWAY mode, The Clapper can be used as a limited function security device that will turn on appliances at the first noise it picks up, to discourage potential intruders.

The Clapper® is a registered trademark (or application pending) worldwide. A quality Joseph Enterprises® product.

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