Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia® – Chia Pet, the pottery that grows!

For over 40 years, Joseph Enterprises has been making Chia Pets. Watch your favorite animals and characters grow! Many new styles available in 2019! Also, for the green thumb and home chef, choose the Chia Herb Garden. For kids, choose from over 40 Chia Pets that are fun and educational and packed with seeds for multiple plantings. Full growth within 2-3 weeks! Chia Pet – the gift that keeps on giving!

New! Chia Unicorn

New! Chia Hedgehog

New! Chia Llama

Emoji Heart Eyes

Emoji Winky

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Emoji Smiley

Emoji Tears of Joy

Cat Grass Planter

Chia Puppy

Chia Elephant

Chia Kitten

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Lady Liberty