Joseph Enterprises, Inc. is a gadget company which is owned by Joseph Pedott and based in San Francisco, California, United States, North America. Its two most popular products are The Clapper and the Chia Pet.

The Clapper, whose slogan is “Clap On! Clap Off!”, was first sold to the public on September 1, 1985. A trademark was filed on the brand name “Clapper” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 9, 1966. A design patent was applied for on November 13, 1985 which was issued as D299127 on December 27, 1988. The apparatus was used for activating switches in response to different acoustic signals.

The Chia Pet was first used on September 8, 1977, and although its name is trademarked, the Chia Pet is not a patented invention. The first Chia Pet was the ram, marketed and distributed in 1977 although the trademark was not applied for until 1998.

Products marketed by Joseph Enterprises tend to be advertised on television during the Christmas shopping season, and therefore they are marketed as a “great gift.”